For couples, these 35 home-based date ideas are the best of the best.

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“On a Sunday date at home, there are so many fun and innovative ideas that you may try. Make pizza, play board games, solve puzzles, or dance with a partner. Playing video games on a rainy day is a nice and peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Stay in and watch movies or play video games while having a snack night at home. If you don’t feel like cooking or doing any housework on a Sunday, why not have a movie night?

Make a video recording of your whole day and store it safely. You may even use this as a last-minute date idea for Valentine’s Day. Make something out of discarded materials, whether it’s a craft or a new invention. It’s a terrific family activity to redecorate your house on a Sunday morning. Indulge in a Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Amazon Prime series while making a cake or cookie.

Play a musical instrument in unison. Cars and motorcycles should be washed together. Take the time to read your spouse a poem or a tale. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, gardening is a fantastic way to spend time with your significant other. Talk about sensitive issues like abortion and same sex marriage in public.

Anyone with access to a patio or yard may get their hands dirty and pass the time by gardening. On social media, you and your friends may laugh heartily at humorous and engaging videos. On a leisurely Sunday, nothing beats curling up with a good book and taking a brief sleep.”

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