Is It Necessary to Use Deep Conversation Starters?

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“Have you had enough of the unsuccessful relationships in your past? Feeling drained after reliving the dating phase just to learn he’s not worth it? Asking him direct questions can help you get to the heart of the matter faster and with less effort. There’s no point in doing a Q&A conversation with your possible mate if you don’t want to make him feel appealing and intriguing. It’s important to create a good impression on a date if you want to go out with him again.

If you ask the incorrect questions on a first date, you might jeopardise your chances of finding a long-term relationship. In Love U, we speak about not striving to get to the end of the book, but rather turning the pages to see what happens next. Things like religion, having children, previous experiences, financial obligations, and sex are all appropriate topics of conversation. Rather of asking a set of predetermined questions in advance, the conversation evolves on its own accord. If you want to know the real man, you don’t need an agenda. You just need transparency between you.”

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