Is there any reason why males can’t stop themselves from fantasising about sexy women?

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“When it comes to beautiful photos of gorgeous ladies, guys are visual animals and can’t resist a peep. Ladies who are perplexed as to why their boyfriend is so enamoured by barely clothed women may find an explanation in this article. I’m trying to figure out exactly what motivates a man to succumb to the same temptations that I do for the sake of devotion. Even when my libido is at its peak, my spouse may not be in the mood for physical intimacy. When I’m having sex with my partner, I know quite well that I’ll start thinking about other men and wanting to be with them.

The idea that males can be psychologically disloyal while in a love relationship yet it is so cruel for women to do the same is difficult for me to comprehend,” he says. I don’t believe that men and women should be held to different standards. There is no reason for this to be the case.” “Your definition of “mentally unfaithful” includes staring at someone of the other sex, and it appears that you’ve jumbled several things, all of which must be dealt with individually. The lady whose boyfriend was discovered looking at other women’s images on the internet scolds her for encouraging him to lie to her.

A common question I get is, “Why don’t guys focus on one woman?” demands to know the reason behind the woman’s question to her lover. If this is a matter of great importance to you, then I can only tell you to improve your own conduct. You have no control over your partner’s conduct or the behaviour of an entire gender. Believing your lover when he claims he loves you is the most effective thing you can do, as is trying to get over your perception that looking at women equates to adultery.

I can assure you that staring (not leering, not acting out with a real person) is not the same as cheating. You can finally relax and enjoy your relationship with your lover after you let go of these harmful notions. Click here to discover more about Love U and how to mend your broken-man picker.”

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