Sex life after marriage has always been a bit strange | How to keep it exciting for a long time

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Sex life after marriage has always been a bit strange for me. I have been lucky that my husband has been understanding and supportive of my sexuality. I am also lucky that we have always tried to have fun and experiment with sex in the privacy of our home. My problem was that I began to focus so much on my marriage and the kids that I lost sight of what fun could be like after marriage. That is when I learned about what I needed to do to have a great sex life after marriage. In this article, I want to look at two things you can do to have more creativity in your sex life.

Couples who have been married for 20 years or more may feel some guilt and detachment from the actual love they had when they first got married. I suggest getting back to what made you fall in love at the beginning of your relationship. Think back to when you first fell in love and remember how you felt then. If those feelings are not there now, you may feel that your marriage is not deep enough, and you may feel the need to seek intimacy outside of the home. , But, remember you can still have love and intimacy; all you need is to reconnect with your heart’s desire.

Sex may be a part of the process of reconnecting with your heart’s desire, but foreplay is equally as important. Try something new. Instead of lying around doing nothing, do something. Throw out the clothes and lingerie and be in each others’ presence. Make love as a couple as much as possible and reconnect with the passion and pleasure that once brought you together.

Having Fun with Your Partner After Marriage: Have fun! Sex is important, but it isn’t the end all be all. Sharing and being open and honest with each other is the foundation for healthy communication. So enjoy yourselves and take some time to be together. Remember that most relationships only grow stronger when sex is left aside for a while.

If one partner in a relationship isn’t feeling as passionate as the other, there is likely a reason. First, you need to find out what the problem is. The most common problem with less passionate partners is that they are afraid of their partner’s lack of desire for them. They may be afraid that if they don’t use their power to get their desires, they will lose that power. It is also possible that the less excited partner is doing something that is hindering their desire.

Make sure that you spend time giving each other pleasure and not just sex. A great way to increase intimacy is to spend time together doing “therapy”. Therapists have proven that couples who spend time giving each other pleasure will have more satisfying sex. Also, make sure that you spend time having fun together. After all, you should be able to enjoy having sex as much as your partner!

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