What Are The Causes Of Dandruff In Baby?

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Dandruff In Baby
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Dandruff is a condition where your hair becomes very dry. This can be for various reasons. It could be because of a poor diet that is causing your body not to have enough essential oils and vitamins needed to keep its normal functions, or it could be because of your mother’s womb, where there is an imbalance of salts and minerals. No matter what the cause of dandruff in a 1-month-old baby, there are things you can do to help them manage their dandruff. Here are the most common causes of dandruff and some suggestions on how to treat it.

Baby shampoos often contain oils. These are necessary because your baby needs to have his own scalp so that his hair can grow properly. Unfortunately, not all shampoos contain the right ingredients to help your baby’s condition. Look for shampoos that will balance your baby’s pH levels as well as those that are specially formulated for newborns. This should help dandruff from taking hold.

Babies usually shed more hair than they gain during the first few weeks of life. If you notice that your baby is losing a lot of hair, dandruff might be due to this excessive hair loss. To stop excessive shedding, massage the scalp with coconut oil once a week. You can also use almond oil or sesame oil. These oils are very good at keeping the scalp and hair moisturized.

Another one of the causes of dandruff is excessive water. Your baby should not drink more than eight ounces of liquid a day because it will cause the scalp to become dry. The water helps the hair to remain healthy, but it is not advisable for newborn babies. Also, limit the amount of tea and coffee your baby drinks to two cups a day because too much caffeine can cause dryness of the scalp.

Dandruff can also occur if your baby has too many skin oils on their scalp. Baby oil can clog the pores on the scalp if the baby is always getting their hair wet. The next best thing would be to use lanolin lotion. Lanolin lotion is specially designed to prevent sebum (oils produced by the skin) from clogging the pores. This will eventually result in dandruff of the baby’s scalp.

A baby can get dandruff if they are too hot. It is caused by excessive sweating, which can sometimes be very uncomfortable for the baby, especially if the diaper is not changed properly. Some parents suggest putting a towel on the forehead of the baby while they are awake. This is supposed to lessen the sweating on the baby’s scalp, resulting in less dandruff.

Another of the causes of dandruff in a 1-month-old baby boy or girl is when they are not taking good care of their skin. As you know, too much washing of the body can cause an itchy scalp. If the baby has eczema on the skin, likely, this will also cause dandruff. So, make sure the baby uses organic products to prevent any dandruff or any irritants on their skin.

The last of the causes of dandruff in a 1-month-old baby is when mom has a diet high in sugars and cream. The baby’s body doesn’t know that it shouldn’t have so much sugar as it is only used to getting all the nutrients it needs. So, when a mom gets a sudden bout of diabetes, it could cause dandruff on the baby’s scalp and anywhere else. It is important, though, that the baby only has natural sugars as an alternative to sugar-rich creams. So, check with your doctor and find out just the causes of dandruff in a 1-month-old baby and make sure your baby stays away from many foods and drinks high in sugars and cream.

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