Why Do Some Women Accept Physical Abuse?

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Why do women accept physical abuse? This is one question that is bothering me. Why women who claim to be strong and independent are weak and dependable when it comes to family and financial issues? It is easy to say that the whole responsibility of a woman lies in her head. No woman can do anything about the abuse she is subjected to physically, mentally or emotionally.

Some women, especially in the developing world, may leave abusive relationships when the situation becomes intolerable. But most women don’t have that option. They may not be physically or financially secure enough to leave an abusive relationship. This is a big problem for women worldwide, where non-violent methods of resistance come into play. This article’s main objective is to highlight why women accept such abuse from their husbands.

Women will tolerate the abuse because they do not have a clear idea of how to handle the situation. Most women are economically dependent on their husbands. They do not have control over their financial resources. The husband could easily take those resources away and deny them medical attention if they are not married. Or he could run off with his colleagues’ wives or other people close to him.

Also, Women do not think that they can actually choose to be free from their husbands. Even if they later agree to remarry, most women will not choose to do so because they do not feel that they can be free like men. Instead, women will live each day wishing that it will end soon while hoping that their husbands will allow them to have a better social status and financial stability.

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Many women are emotionally strong enough to withstand mistreatment, but they usually lack the skills necessary to deal with abusive relationships. It takes a lot of strength and courage to stand up for yourself when you are being abused. However, some women lack these capabilities. Therefore, they will allow the abuse to happen because they are not emotionally strong enough to stop it.

Some women become very attached to their abusers. They often depend on their “husbands” as the sole provider and/or the only love in their lives. Unfortunately, many women refuse to accept this and thus, live a miserable life with an abusive partner, whether physically or mentally.

They will tolerate verbal abuse, body pains, and other forms of abuse in hopes that it will pass and that they will move on to a better relationship with a better man in the future. This is not the way that women should live, as it will make them feel emotionally inferior and lower themselves to the status of a lesser human being. Women who do not accept abusive relationships and tolerate other forms of mistreatment show that they are capable of living a happy and healthy life and don’t depend on their abusers.

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