The following color correctors retail for less than $12 and will ease the burden on your concealer.

You’re applying concealer and have tried every trick in the book to camouflage your stubborn dark circles and under-eye discoloration. But when you blend out your go-to concealer formula, that discoloration still peeks through. Frustrating, right? While there might be the temptation to simply layer on more and more concealer, there’s a far more strategic (and natural-looking)…

These 14 eyeshadows really bring out the green in my eyes.

Did you know that only 2% of people worldwide have green eyes? That’s right—if you’re lucky enough to have green eyes, you’re among the very few people who do. I have green eyes, and they’re one of my favorite features to play up.  If you want to emphasize your eye color, it’s all about the eye shadow…

From CBK to TLC, These Are the 10 Looks That Still Hold Up Today

As we near the end of the year, I’m taking a moment to look back on all this year’s beauty trends that are reminiscent of looks pulled off by the It girls of the 1990s. While there are definitely trends that are better left in 20th century, there are just as many that have been popping…

Tarte’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sitewide Sale 2022 — Details, Shop Now, Offers 17 Best Deals

Even Shape Tape Concealer — so you know it’s a big deal. Source link

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