Tips For Picking the Color Combination of Women’s Dress for Indian Weddings

January 30, 2021
woman wearing orange hijab

Women Dresses’ colour combinations and patterns for Indian weddings offer the brides a wide array of colourful options. One can find dresses in many vibrant red, green, blue, orange, yellow, white, etc. One can even find a unique colour combination of saris, lehenga cholis, sherwanis and sarees. These traditional attires bring to mind the regalia of Rajasthan when the great dynasties ruled India’s land.

One should keep in mind that the selection of colours is limited to the traditional attires’ colours. One should also pay equal attention to the patterns and designs as well. If one wants to make the attire more colourful, she can opt for jewelled embroidery work on the sari or the Georgette blouse. This will add an ethnic touch to the outfit. One can also use the silk and satin ribbons in the traditional embroidery made on the sari to have a romantic look.

Bridesmaids in colourful attires can also be selected. These will make the wedding guests conscious of the wedding theme. The bridesmaids too can be highlighted with the attractive colour combination. They can wear bright red sari while the maid of honour can wear green saree with golden zari. These coloured attires will make them feel special, crucial at such a crucial time in the bride’s life.

Another interesting colour combination for Indian brides is the floral prints. These can range from coral flowers to pink peonies, daisies to sunflowers. The bride can also select from the traditional peacock design in silk or satin. She can team it with a lehenga and saree. It will be truly amazing.

A bridal couple fond of vibrant colours like red, orange, yellow and teal can definitely choose from the vibrant colours. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. These can be combined with gold, silver, golden yellow and soft pink. These will definitely look stunning on the bride.

Wedding gowns come in a great variety of shades including the bright yellow and peach. A bright orange coloured bride can wear the peach, or if she is more daring, she can even wear coral. For an extra dash of colour, a coral-coloured or deep pink colour can be worn. The pink colour can match any other colour combination for a gorgeous look on the wedding day.

Bridesmaids can also be chosen based on their complexion. Very fair-skinned brides can wear almost any colour as they will look gorgeous in a simple white dress. Brides with orange undertones can also match vibrant reds, maroons, and rich golden-brown shades with their gowns. Very dark-skinned brides can match intense purple, burgundy, plum, and even black colours, as they will look magnificent in all shades.

Color combination for wedding attire can be done in many different ways. Brides have many options to choose from. However, it is always best to select a colour combination that you love. The result of this will definitely be unique and one-of-a-kind on your wedding day.

There are several different ways to get a colour combination for your wedding. In some cases, the bride can wear light or dark-coloured bridal dresses, which will make her appear more beautiful. But it is not the beauty that matters, but rather, her personality should be shown during the wedding. A bride’s skin tone also plays a major role in choosing the colour of her wedding dress.

One way of getting a good colour combination is to check out the colour combinations that your favourite celebrities are wearing for their weddings. Looking closely at the dresses will help you come up with a good idea. If you do not want to take the risk of copying what looks good on them, try to find a celebrity whose gown is in style or recently wore a lovely colour combination. You may look good, too!

The brides’ skin colour and hair colour also affect the colour combination for the wedding. Very fair brides tend to wear shades of pink and light brown. Very dark-skinned women tend to wear blue and copper shades, and ashen women may opt for shades of cream and beige. Your taste as a person should guide you in picking up these colours for your wedding attire. It would also be better if you choose one colour for your wedding attire and a different one for the rest of your daily wardrobe.

A bright colour combination is perfect for the wedding, as it helps to reflect light and add a dash of fashion. However, if you plan to wear a dark-coloured gown, don’t opt for too many bright colours. A rich golden red or emerald colour combination is much more preferable. The bride’s skin colour should also be taken into account when selecting the colour combination. Dark-skinned brides should wear light-coloured clothes, as white or cream-coloured clothing can make her seem too dark.

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