How Many Calories to Eat in a Day ?

It is easy to calculate how many calories to eat daily for weight loss or weight gain. Follow these easy steps. Then you will understand how many calories you should eat each day to reach your goal weight—using a Weight Gain Calculator.

First, determine your target weight. Your target weight is the weight you want to achieve after losing enough weight through diet and physical activity. The calculator works by defining your target weight based on your height, gender, age, and current body size. You can also choose a specific measurement and gender you would like to achieve. The more information you provide on your body size, the more accurate the calculations are likely to be.

It would be best to determine how many calories to eat in a day based on your target weight. First, use the Body Mass Index or BMI to find your weight. Now you can multiply your desired weight in pounds by the number of pounds you currently weigh to get your daily calories needed. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, you should calculate your ideal weight loss by 180 x (your current weight in pounds), your Body Mass Index. For physical activity, use the total amount of time you plan to exercise each day and then add those calories to your target weight. For example, if you plan to exercise for one hour, divide that time by six to get the calories needed for your physical activity.

Once you have your target weight and calories needed for weight loss or gain, calculate your Activity Level. If you are currently sedentary, use your current height and age to determine how active you are. If you are busy, use the higher number on the graph to determine your level of physical activity. If you are moderately active, use the middle number on the chart.

Restrictive diets are a common approach to achieving weight loss. While these diets reduce calories, they often increase body weight as people try to follow the restrictive diet guidelines. Therefore, the more restrictive the diet, the more calories and fat will be added to your body weight.

How Much Weight to Gain? The amount of weight you gain during an exercise program will be dependent on how much you can handle per day. For example, losing seven hours per night may increase your weight gain. However, losing only five hours per night may decrease your weight gain. The answer to this question will depend on your particular situation and needs.

How Many Calories to Eat in a Day and Other Weight Loss Drugs and Medications? Unfortunately, many prescription and over-the-counter medications have been linked with an increased risk of obesity. These include such weight loss drugs as hoodia Gordonii, green tea, ephedra and metformin. Therefore, it’s essential to talk to your doctor about the ingredients of any weight loss drug you are considering taking. This includes regular doses of birth control, diabetes drugs and blood pressure medications.

How many calories to eat in a day and other issues relating to dieting also need to be discussed with your doctor. Your health care professional will be able to answer any questions you have about dieting and weight loss. They will also recommend the best way to go about dieting to achieve the results you want. For those who have medical conditions, talking with your doctor may also lead to a change in diet that may help you achieve your goals.