What Are the Consequences of Long Waits, Short Appointments, and Huge Bills in U.S. Health Care?

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Long Waits, Short Appointments, Huge Bills: U.S. Health Care
Is Causing Patient Burnout

Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with their medical system, which is expensive and inefficient. Patient visits are often rushed and unsatisfying, with long wait times and surprise bills. People of color, women, and those who are overweight frequently report feeling mistreated by their providers. Medical schools do not always prepare students to be doctors, with all the interpersonal complexity that entails, and the pandemic has exacerbated existing personnel shortages and physician burnout. The insurance system is confusing and costly, and doctors are often paid based on how many appointments and procedures they can squeeze in, which incentivizes unnecessary tests and procedures. To improve the system, clinics can make minor tweaks to improve the patient experience, and doctors should be paid fairly and insurance should be universal.

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