A Newly Discovered Flower Was Just Named After BLACKPINK's Lisa And She Has One Thing To Say About It

What does BLACKPINK’s Lisa have to say about a newly discovered flower being named after her?

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Lisa from BLACKPINK shared various things about her life, including her favorite flower, the Edelweiss, and why it holds a special place in her heart. In addition, Lisa revealed that a newly discovered flower in Thailand had been named after her. The flower, scientifically named Friesodielsia lalisae, was discovered in Narathiwat, Thailand, and named after Lisa by researcher Anissara Damthongdee from Chiang Mai University. Lisa’s mom was the one who broke the news to her and sent her a picture of the flower. Although Lisa has not yet seen the flower in person, she expressed her curiosity and hopes to view it soon. She also shared her pride and happiness about the honor, saying that she will be bragging about it until she’s old and gray.

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