Support for Colorado mothers struggling with mental health

What kind of support is available for mothers in Colorado who are experiencing mental health issues?

A group called MOMs+, Maternal Overdose Matters, comprised of professionals such as an emergency room doctor, pediatrician, social worker, pharmacist, and a mother in addiction recovery, is working to save the lives of new mothers in Colorado who are struggling with mental health and addiction. Overdoses and suicide are the top causes of death for these mothers, who often feel overlooked as the focus is primarily on the baby. MOMs+ wants to ensure that every Child Protective Services referral in the labor and delivery room includes a peer support person and a treatment referral for the mother. The goal is to give hope and connection to these mothers, who may feel punished and separated from their children due to addiction. MOMs+ hopes to pilot this program at the ten hospitals it partners with in Colorado. Racquel Garcia, founder of the recovery organization Hard Beauty and thirteen years in recovery, knows firsthand the importance of community and connection. She recently partnered with the state to offer virtual Tougher Together support meetings for moms and pregnant people struggling with addiction. These meetings aim to offer connection without judgment, much like Garcia’s knitting group was for her during her recovery.

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