Millie Bobby Brown Showed Off Her Teeny-Tiny Cowboy Hat Tattoo on Instagram — See Photos

What photos did Millie Bobby Brown share on Instagram featuring her teeny-tiny cowboy hat tattoo?

Millie Bobby Brown may have utilized Eleven’s supernatural powers to keep her latest tattoo hidden for so long. The actress has added a tiny cowboy hat tattoo to her growing collection of ink several months ago, and it has remained unnoticed until recently. Although the tattoo has made a few appearances in her Instagram photos, it went unnoticed due to its delicate and tiny design. Only when Brown shared a recent photo dump did her fans get a closer look at the cowboy hat tattoo on her bicep. It’s easy to miss at first glance, but it adds a touch of yeehaw to her arm. The tattoo was not present during the Enola Holmes premiere in October, indicating that it was a late addition.

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