What to Wear in College Dressing

February 2, 2021
woman posing wearing white dress shirt sitting on window

College Dressing is not as easy as one may perceive it to be. It takes a lot of planning and decision making to choose the right kind of clothes for different events and occasions. We take an in-depth look at the options available for you when it comes to dressing yourself in college wear.

When it comes to tops, India has the most number of options than other parts of the world. Cotton tops are the most popular options when it comes to casual tops in India. Jeans or trousers can accompany cotton tops, and they give you a casual yet trendy look.

If you are in for a classy look, opt for silk tops to further accentuate your looks. Silk tops look good on anyone, no matter what their age is. For formal occasions, you can also opt for silk blouses and silk skirts. These are great ways to look classy without looking like a grown-up and for all those who have a weakness for jewellery, silver or pearl jewellery can be worn on casual days.

The next best choice for tops is denim. Denim jeans in darker shades are great for college casual look. One of the biggest problems with denim jeans is that it doesn’t match with anything else. Apart from being an all-time favourite, denim is also another choice for men’s tops.

One can do better than cotton and denim as Oxfords and khakis can better look at these tops. One thing to keep in mind is the colour combinations. You should avoid too much exposure to white or yellow tops as these can turn your look into monstrosities. You should try to match the colours of your top with your jeans and trousers. For instance, if you have a white shirt, then go for a dark pair of jeans.

Another aspect of tops that you should keep in mind is that you shouldn’t crowd them. Too much of a jacket, sweater or blazer can make you look much older than your actual age. You can wear tops like these only when you are attending informal functions and events.

The third option is cotton tops. Cotton is a comfortable material and comes in a variety of textures. It makes you look much better when you are wearing something casual. On the other hand, cotton can be too heavy for formal occasions.

If you plan to shop for what to wear in college dresses, you should focus more on tops rather than trousers. Trousers are considered casual, while tops are considered to be professional. So, the thing to do is to focus on the right kind of casual wear. Also, choose colours that make you look good and highlight your best features. The next time you go shopping for tops, you should know what to wear in college and how to accessorize it well!

When you want to know what to wear in college dressing, you need to consider your neckline. When you plan to wear shirts with short sleeves, it is recommended that you go for a collared shirt design. This makes you look smart and professional. There are also collarless dress shirts available in many online stores. They are lighter than collared ones and more comfortable to wear.

Another great casual outfit to wear is jeans and a sweater set. You can choose either dark or light indigo denim and a cardigan in white. Dark indigo is a bit expensive, but it makes you look even smarter and better dressed up. A simple sweater set with some cotton pants in the dark blue or black will be the best choice. Make sure that your tops do not have any complicated buttons or zippers. Simplicity is the key when it comes to dressing up your casual clothes.

Cap sleeves are another good option for those who prefer cap sleeve shirts. It makes you look professional and sophisticated. Casual cotton dress shirts can look chic with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. If you like to mix and match tops, you should wear a top that matches the pants you will wear.

Your casual clothes should not be boring. You can wear brightly coloured dress shirts that have geometric and interesting designs. You can even look great in bright red tops. For women, they can pair a bright coloured blouse with cool looking pants. For men, they can choose a dress shirt with a nice leather belt.

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