As a Shlub: Your Narcissist Will Destroy You!”

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Ms. Career Girl

“The Shlub is a terrifying beast with a shattered skeleton. Snazztop Shiny shes are loyal, considerate, and nice to a fault. We are especially prone to the feared Shlubs because of our upbringing. Almost as good as a cup of hot self-loathing is the Shlub’s soul when she makes a Shinys miserable for long enough. Her portions get more unpleasant and appealing to the shlub as she becomes more downtrodden.

Snazztop Shinys will never be enough to satisfy the Shlub. It may seem impossible, but eventually, your body will regrow the pieces that were lost. To find out what it’s like to be in your shoes, ask another Shiny.”

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