Banking and Insurance As Career Option for Women

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Banking and Insurance As Career Option for Women
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Businesses often believe that banking and insurance are a great career choice for women. However, it is often hard to break into the industry. Most women who seek employment with banking and insurance companies end up being in lower paying jobs than men. This may be because many banks and insurance companies only hire people from certain educational backgrounds. The disadvantages for working in these industries are that the pay is subpar and there are few good positions available.

Banking and insurance is also often considered a menial task by companies. Women are thought of as poor credit risks. They are also often passed over in favor of a man for higher paid positions. The disadvantage to this career option for women is that it will usually only provide you with a basic level of salary. You also have to go through the tedious process of interviewing to be hired.

Another disadvantage of going into banking and insurance is the fact that it is not very high up on the list of priorities when you get out of school. Career options after college tend to be more focused on computer work or other highly technical fields. Jobs in banking and insurance are more likely to require some sort of administrative skill set. Many people lack the technical skills to work in a professional environment. There are also often less opportunities to advance on the administrative ladder.

Business and careers that involve taking ownership of your working life are often viewed as more rewarding. When you take an administrative job, for example, you are able to direct your own work schedule and be more responsible for meeting client demands. If you choose a business and career option like this, however, you may have to spend years training yourself to be effective at the job. Working with a company as an employee, will allow you to learn more about business operations. In turn, when you decide to go into business for yourself and start your own firm, you will have developed the skills needed to run a firm successfully.

One business and career option for women that does not make as many waves as banking and insurance is the health care field. Nursing is one of the most popular professions for women these days. Nursing careers usually require some sort of advanced degree. In addition, you will find that health care management and administration are other areas for women with a degree in nursing. Women are now earning more than men in the field of nursing, although the pay is still not equal.

Financial management and accounting jobs are other options for those who want to advance in their careers. Those who get trained in this field can get jobs in a variety of financial institutions. Their employers can include corporations, government agencies, hedge funds, and even private citizens. These jobs also usually require advanced degrees, which will get you further in the career path. Another downside to the financial field is that it tends to be highly competitive. This means that if you do not have the proper training it could take you a lot longer to find a job than a woman with a degree in an area that is more widely-known.

One other career option for women is the business realm. This is a much more stable and respectable way to work, and many corporate positions involve long hours and stressful atmosphere. If you choose to set up shop in a business, it would be wise to have some sort of college education. Even entry-level positions in the business realm may require at least a bachelor’s degree.

You do have the option of working in the banking and insurance industry both inside of the actual institution and for a larger company. Working for a large bank can be very rewarding, and many of your peers will likely look up to you. If you work for a smaller company however, you may not find much guidance from your direct manager. This can be a frustrating but entirely common scenario. Either way, banking and insurance as a career option for women do have a bright future. Just keep in mind that it may not be as lucrative as a career in computer programming or accounting.

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