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Girlistan - A career in Airline Option for Women

There are many careers in Airline option for women in India. These courses vary according to the qualifications and syllabus of the colleges. The study pattern and time duration vary from one institution to another. But generally, there are few basic courses that all the airlines have to offer for the aspirants.

This is the basic training for all Airlines. You can either get this on your own effort or by attending classes under the guidance of an instructor. The training is usually given by the airline authorities after checking the qualifications of the trainee. The instructor will prepare you by teaching you all the theoretical concepts that you may need to know for the Airlines jobs. You can decide to learn the basics by yourself or take a class. Either way, you will have to pay the fees.

After getting the basic training, you can get started on learning the techniques of communication like how to write a letter and make different kinds of calls. You also have to learn about the operations of the cockpit and other related stuff. After training, you can start looking for a job in the airlines. You may have to search a bit to get hired but if you are qualified and experienced enough, you can surely get a good salary.

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Another career in Airline option for women in India is to become a flight attendant. If you do not want to be an employee and want to earn handsomely while having good health, this is the best career for you. You may have to start as a ticket agent and slowly rise in the levels. If you take a long period of training and prove your worth, you can also work as a stewardess in a commercial aeroplane and enjoy the benefits of working in a busy airport.

There are various companies in India that hire people on contracts basis. If you have been a trainee and also have been paid, you can also try your luck and get hired on such services. You may have to prove your worth and also the company may conduct a thorough interview before finally hiring you on the contract basis. This will also give you an opportunity to prove yourself. If you are talented and also want to get a good salary, this is the right career path for you.

You may also like the alternative career in which you will work in a cabin instead of flying in an aeroplane. This type of career is like being a stewardess and also has a chance to earn a handsome salary. You have to wear uniforms and act as a hostess while entertaining passengers. You also need to follow the rules and regulation of the airline like dress code and so forth. You also need to follow the airline’s etiquette while travelling.

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On long journeys, your chances to get paid more are higher. The rate of pay also varies from country to country. If you are trained or have a diploma in some fields and also have had experience working as a flight attendant, then you can certainly expect good pay. Apart from that, if you have done well in your studies and have good academic grades, you can also get a better salary. The salary offered by airlines will also depend on the length of your contract.

It is not hard to get into any of the above two career options. You have to ensure that you possess the right kind of skills and also have done a good job in your previous career. The airlines are always looking for people who have a discipline and have dedication towards their work. If you fulfil these two criteria, you are most likely to get an excellent career in Airline option for women.