Expert Interview: How to Sell on Amazon and Make More than $100,000 a Year

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“ has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to interview Jessica of The Selling Family, an Amazon-selling powerhouse. Through this interview, she divulges all of the secrets she learned while building a successful Amazon FBA business. Individual sellers can take advantage of Amazon’s warehousing and shipping services to market their items through the Amazon FBA programme. In my role as an Amazon seller, my team and I go out and purchase stuff to sell (we hunt for bargains at local retail stores) and then ship them to Amazon fulfilment facilities all over the country. To have your items listed on Amazon, you’ll need to like browsing for them and be prepared to put in the effort.

A 7-day email course will assist you in determining if this is the suitable company for you or not! For those seeking for a side hustle, this might be a terrific option if you’re looking for something with a lot of freedom and strong money-making potential. The ‘Amazon BootCamp’ may be found at ‘’ A 7-day email course on how to sell on Amazon for free.”

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