Side-hustle game? By pursuing a secondary career, you have the opportunity to explore your interest while continuing your primary career.

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With regard to educational aims, it is agreed that the most critical accomplishment of a quality university degree is to enable graduates to find jobs.

Students and their parents are naturally drawn to academic credentials that yield clear career routes with high employability. Accountancy, surveying, pharmacy, and of course, medicine are professions in which people practise.

Encouragement is clearly called for since the university ecosystem develops the appropriate talent to power a workforce well-prepared for the workplace.

Yet even with a job opportunity in hand, the employment security, predictability, and security of today’s generation of graduates is worse than that of their parents’

Current graduates have no assurance of lifelong employment because of the dynamic and fast changes in the economy, interrupted by periodic ups and downs.

The widespread impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, followed by an extensive wave of job losses, serves as a dire reminder of this situation.

Today’s open, global, and easily accessible economy has numerous chances for people to pursue alternative professions, including the existence of a rising digital economy, as well as numerous online enterprises and projects.

One in four adults have a side job or small business in addition to their main jobs, according to a new analysis by Henley Business School in the United Kingdom, titled “The Side Hustle Economy.”

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Side hustles are here to stay, and not simply a fleeting trend.

When it comes to side hustling in Malaysia, one shouldn’t be surprised that there is just as much of a hunger for it as entrepreneurship is at the backbone of our economy, with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) representing 98% of our firms.

While there will always be jobs that consist of just nine to five hours, the modern period is one where people have the option of having many career paths that are gratifying, relevant, and worthwhile.

Rather than suggesting that many people give up existing regular jobs to be influencers on TikTok, I’m saying the exact opposite: I urge people not to give up their careers. Instead, I firmly urge that people under 24 should strive for a tertiary degree to prepare them for future professional positions.

These are the occupations referred to as their core professions, which provide them with a good income and a sense of security even when they are very young.

To balance their personal and professional lives, I also encourage young individuals to choose occupations that are interesting, regardless of their industry.

New entrepreneurs, blogging, vlogging, making a YouTube channel, designing online courses, and writing creative stories all fit the description of this career path.

It’s never been easier to start an online business, thanks to sites like Amazon Marketplace and Etsy.

These follow-up occupations do not require significant capital expenditure but demand a significant investment of time and effort.

It is also possible that a secondary career supplement one’s core career. For example, it is now common for dental offices to have their own YouTube or TikTok channels to demonstrate how to take care of their teeth.

In fact, building a second career will provide several benefits.

One’s passion can be explored while yet retaining a viable career. This could make you feel more fulfilled, particularly if your dream job turned out to be less thrilling than you anticipated.

A second career also offers the opportunity to learn new skills, like the practical management of a project or business, which could help advance one’s core career.

The third advantage of a second career is the opportunity to develop job resilience, which reduces the chance of depending solely on one’s employment for money.

The implementation of a successful secondary career, if it becomes successful, can supplement the income from one’s core career and, if successful, could eventually become one’s core career.

However, there is a note of caution. Those in secondary careers should not put too much pressure on themselves, and expectations should be fair and managed.

As with any entrepreneurial enterprise, it could take some time before you achieve traction in your secondary career.

It is all about persistence. It is crucial to remain committed to a second career if one wants to keep it for the long term. A secondary career should truly reflect one’s passion and interest instead of only serving as a source of additional income.

Any secondary career should be as fun and interesting as your primary one.

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