Teaching as a career option for women is a wonderful way to earn a living

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teaching as a career option for women
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Teaching as a career option for women is a wonderful way to earn a living. You can either work in a private school or any other type of institution. You will, however, face some disadvantages when you opt for a teaching career. Advantages and disadvantages of this profession, therefore, are worth considering. How to go about it, then?

One of the disadvantages is that you will have to work in a different environment than other employees. You will be working in a classroom with students. The nature of this environment may not be suitable for some people. In fact, a lot of people find this environment very unpleasant. Moreover, you will not have full control over your time. This means that you cannot spend more time on personal matters because you will have to deal with students’ schedules.

A teacher’s job is very demanding. You have to teach for hours on end. Furthermore, you cannot opt for any part-time work during your study period. The only and key advantage of this career option is that you will be able to have a secure job for many years.

Another disadvantage is that you may face the risk of suffering from burn out. As a teacher, you will have to withstand the pressure of teaching for long durations. Therefore, you will not have enough time to relax and enjoy your life.

As far as qualifications are concerned, a qualification for teaching is not mandatory. However, some states do require certain minimum standards of teaching competence. In such cases, you should check whether the education board of your state requires you to have a teaching certificate or not. You can also join teaching organizations and gain a qualification there.

If you have been looking forward to teaching as a career option for women, you must also consider the salary factor. The salary offered to qualified teachers will differ from one state to another. You should therefore shop around for the best offer in the current market. If you do so, you can certainly secure a high paying job.

A further disadvantage of this career is that it does not provide any kind of security. In case you leave your job without notice, you will find it very difficult to get another position. This means that you will have to begin your search from the square of a vacancy in the hope that you will get a job. If you are fortunate enough, you can get a higher paying job. However, this will only happen if you are lucky enough. Otherwise, the only option is to wait for a few more months.


Considering these disadvantages, it can be concluded that this career option is not the best one for all. However, you can try to weigh the pros and cons and then proceed in your search for the job. If you do so, you will definitely find something better. If not, you should consider changing careers so that you can earn more money in the long run. However, you should also consider the drawbacks so that you do not end up regretting your decision.

In spite of the disadvantages associated with the job, there are several advantages associated with it. For instance, teaching is a very safe profession. There is no other profession where you can find such a large number of women working. Therefore, teaching is an ideal career for mother of the child where you will not face any difficulty when it comes to finding suitable jobs.

Women who have opted for the profession of teaching often work in various schools. You can also work in education institutions or even at the government level. In addition, you can also choose to teach online or at special vocational colleges. These jobs also provide you the opportunity to spend quality time with your children while earning a decent amount of salary.

The pay is not however good. It does not exceed $30 per hour. This however, does not matter much. The important thing is that you earn enough money to support your family. The education that you obtain can also be used to get a better career or even a higher position in the society if you wish to do so.

Teaching as a career option for women has various benefits and disadvantages. It all depends upon the individual teacher. If she wants more independence and does not wish to be tied down by any school rules, then this could be the right option for you. However, if you are seeking security and do not mind doing things on your own, then you might want to consider other options. On the whole, teaching as a career option for women can be a great choice. It has a lot of benefits, which you will have to weigh for yourself.

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