What Sport is the Easiest to Get a Scholarship For Women?

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Many women and girls play different sports, but is it the easiest to get a scholarship for women in India? The answer largely depends on what sport you like and which discipline you excel in. For example, volleyball is one of the most popular sports played in the country. Volleyball players usually excel in their game and are seen very well on television and in front of the cameras. So if you like this sport, there is no dearth of opportunities to pursue a career in it.

But another sport that is gaining popularity in the female community is badminton. Badminton has some of the best women players in the world. These players are known all over the world and are often invited to play in tournaments. If you are good at badminton and want to pursue a career in it, you will have to get a degree in this field and train professionally.

However, another sport that is particularly useful to those who want to study what sport is the easiest to get a scholarship for women in India is table tennis. As the name suggests, table tennis is a prevalent sport in the country. And this popularity is increasing. As many as 25% of high school girls in the cities like Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai play table tennis. Therefore, it is considered an outstanding sport for girls interested in academics and would like to improve their general skills and knowledge base.

However, not every woman is interested in playing table tennis. In fact, only about twenty per cent of the population in the country is interested in it. That means that there are more women athletes than women’s sports enthusiasts.

However, as things stand now, women seem to be catching up as they get interested in other sports. This means that several scholarships are given out to women nowadays. These include what sport is the easiest to get a scholarship for women in India. The list includes squash, table tennis, field hockey, basketball, softball, soccer and water polo.

Squash is one of the most popular and well-known sports for girls in the country. In fact, squash has even become one of the Olympic games. If you are talented in the field of squash and you want to apply for a scholarship for women in India, you will have to do quite well in your studies first and then prove your talent on the court.

Table tennis is also one of the favoured sports among many women in the country. The best thing about table tennis is that it is a sport that involves physical contact. In fact, this contact can be very helpful in improving coordination and endurance. Therefore, if you think that you have what it takes to be part of the table tennis revolution in the country, all you have to do is enrol yourself in a training centre and work your way up. Soon, you will find that you have a good enough head for the sport.

As for baseball, it might still be best for you to start at the lowest levels. You may even want to try the college baseball system if your talent lies in pitching. The hardest thing about this sport is probably getting scholarships for women in it. In recent years, with the proliferation of sports programs being developed for girls, more scholarships are sure to come your way. Just work hard and show what you can offer the world.

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