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Women’s Dresses For Indian Weddings

February 1, 2021
woman wearing red and white hijab

Indian brides choose to wear many traditional attires during their weddings. Brides from all over India choose ethnic wear to get married in India. The traditional attires worn by the bride are per her religion and community. There are many options available to Indian brides when it comes to selecting their dresses for weddings. Some of these options include the following:

The Indian wedding is a special day for the bride and the groom. They are decorated accordingly. Brides wear saris and other colourful and ethnic outfits that are symbolic of the festivity. The bridesmaids will wear kurta pyjama and salwar suits that can be either embroidered or sequined. The groom is usually accompanied by his family and friends’ members in all the traditional Indian attire.

There are many choices of Indian clothing for the bride and the men who will attend the wedding. The sari has always been a favourite among Indian women. Sarees come in many colours, patterns and materials. Silk saris are in much demand during weddings. These sari’s has intricate embroidery and designs on them. Sarees are often dyed in shades of red, green, blue, indigo and other natural colors.

The salwar is another traditional Indian garment that is worn during Indian wedding ceremonies. The salwar is a short dress that is also referred to as a choli. This dress is a beautiful choice for wedding ceremonies. The word “salwaar” originates from the word “sal” which means garb and “wari” meaning skirt. Most brides wear altar on their wedding day.

Nowadays, most Indian women dress in hijabs. This is also called a chakra or a headscarf. Hijabs are mostly worn by women attending the wedding ceremonies in Arab countries. This type of headscarf is widely used in Indian weddings. However, in Hinduism, it is considered improper for a woman to wear a scarf in public.

The Indian brides wear saris, salwar kameez, churidars and palms to attend their marriage ceremonies. Indian brides wear colourful career as wedding dresses. Many of these Indian wedding dresses are hand made. They often come in elaborate patterns and designs. Beautiful handmade wedding dresses are considered auspicious and lucky on the wedding day.

Indian brides wear white or ivory gowns during their wedding ceremonies. These gowns can be long or short. The area or the choli that the bride wears is mostly satin or crepe. Traditionally, Indian brides prefer wearing white dresses or ivory or cream gowns during their wedding ceremonies. However, the modern Indian bride prefers wearing red or maroon colours for their wedding ceremonies.

For Western Women who wish to participate in Indian wedding ceremonies, they must dress modestly. A wedding in India is not like the weddings in the west where the bride is showered with diamonds and gold. Indian women wear exquisite jewellery like earrings, rings and bracelets. However, Indian men mostly wear suits and ties to their wedding ceremonies. Men generally visit India during mid BCCI IPL tournament and cheer for their team from there.

The Indian brides wear saris as their only piece of bridal wear. Sarees come in different designs, colours and materials. Some of the most famous ones include the Patiala sari and the Kalari sari. Patiala sari is designed with a curved patchwork pattern on it while the Kalari sari has a heavy border and intricate embroidery on it. These saris are commonly worn by Indian wives, sisters and cousins on their wedding ceremonies.

Indian brides wear hijabs as the only face covering on their heads. This tradition started during the Mughal period when a veil was prescribed for the newlywed bride. Later on, during the British colonisation, a modified hijab was introduced. The only difference is that, now hijabs do not cover the face but instead it is embellished with beads, stones or pearls.

Indian bridal parties are extravagant. Men usually wear salwar suits or khakis. The women all have colourful saris and are adorned with jewellery. Bridesmaids are specially selected to attend the wedding. They come in various sizes and dresses. They help the bride dress up and make sure that no one gets bored at the wedding party.

Indian weddings are colourful and vibrant affairs. Every part of the country is decorated with colour. Indian weddings are celebrated in different styles and they vary according to the region and culture of the place. They are colourful and joyous ceremonies, which are full of fun.

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